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Floki was an outspoken man. He messed with the wrong people and was cast into the depths and cursed. Everytime he jumps he's closer to death.

Think carefully about your jumps and use the environment to escape the depths.

Keyboard controls: A,D to move, SPACE to jump, LEFT CLICK to shoot rocks, ESC to pause.

X Box Gamepad controls: LEFT STICK or D-PAD to move, A to jump, X to shoot rocks, START to pause.

If you find any bugs, please, report in the comments. Thanks for downloading!

Install instructions

The game files are compacted in a .rar file. You will need any .rar extraction software to access the game files.

After extraction Run "Floki1.1.exe". Select you preferred resolution and graphics quality and hit "Play!". For the game to work the folder "Floki1.1_Data" and the windows x86 files must be in the same folder as the .exe file. 


Floki 1.1.rar 45 MB

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